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Process Serving & Litigation Services

With our dedicated network of agents throughout Australia, clients can be confident that no matter where or when a document needs to be served Access Mercantile Services has the capacity to service your every process need. With particularly difficult assignments, clients can be confident that we have the dedication and ability to effect service correctly and are happy to discuss these alternatives with you.

Our agents are trained to interview neighbours and occupants ensuring every attempt is made to confirm residency enabling the possibility of a sub service application. If regular service is not possible, we then turn to detailed affidavits of attempted service to provide the courts with enough evidence for additional orders to effect service by other means.

This systematic approach to the way we handle process serving provides our clients with timely and accurate reporting online ensuring documents are served in accordance with your instructions. As our representatives are professionally trained mercantile agents, informal examination documents may also be completed to assist your recovery.

Save yourself valuable time. Simply instruct us to serve your documents today.

We acknowledge that sometimes despite best efforts debt collection may require specialised legal intervention. Access Mercantile Services is affiliated with Sinisgalli Foster Legal Pty Ltd who support all litigation service requirements. Sinisgalli Foster have years of extensive litigation expertise and work alongside our business offering real time support and specialized legal advice.

Through this alliance we can offer cost effective customized litigation services that include but not limited to:

  • Statutory demands
  • Judgement — pre- and post-judgement support
  • Legal proceedings — statement of claim, file proceedings in appropriate jurisdiction / court
  • Default judgement
  • Proceeding defense
  • Enforcement of judgment — oral examination, warrant of seizure/sale,
  • Bankruptcy proceedings