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Repossessions & Field Services

A range of field services are available to our clients that include:

Repossessions • Field Calls • Pre-Finance Inspections


Through its national network of skilled mercantile agents, Access Mercantile Services provides asset recovery services and advice for clients wishing to recover debt pertaining to an asset or the physical asset itself.

All reasonable steps are taken to first collect the outstanding debt pertaining to an asset with repossession normally a last resort option unless a specific request and authorisation has been made by the client for direct repossession.

Access agents maintain the highest standards of professionalism during the process and do not engage in unacceptable conduct such as intimidation, trespass or undue harassment.

During repossession the team will take several digital photos of the asset and will submit the photos along with a complete comprehensive condition report to the client.

Specific instructions are followed for secure towing and storage of the asset along with treatment of payment for both the repossession service and associated costs.


Field Calls

Agent field calls can be commissioned at any time for direct visit to a debtor address for the purpose of collection of their outstanding debt or to re-establish customer contact.

Our national network of mercantile agents covers all regions and work specifically to your request.

Field calls normally involve:

  • Verification of all current contact details.
  • Obtaining updated residential and employment details.
  • Understanding reason for non-payment.
  • Establishing a repayment plan or direct collection of a debt if possible.
  • Supply of a detailed condition report of an asset used as security for a loan, including photos, registration confirmation, and insurance details [if required].

Pre-Finance Inspections

Pre-finance inspections can be arranged prior to settling a new loan where pre-inspection of an asset [goods/equipment] can be conducted pertaining to finance of the new loan.

Generally, we ensure that:

  • The goods/equipment exist.
  • The goods/equipment are in good working order/condition.
  • The serial numbers [if valid] provided by you align to the inspected assets.

The process is simple, easy and involves taking photographs of the goods / equipment and completing a comprehensive inspection report that will be submitted to you.

Pre-finance inspection is a great way to provide you with the peace of mind that the loan purpose aligns, and the security required exists in the condition you expect.