How Axtech Protects Your Business From Cyber Threats

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How can Axtech help to protect your business from cyber threats? 

Taking your business online can have its benefits, but it can also increase the risk of scams and security threats. A single cyber-attack could seriously damage your business and its reputation.  

As your business expands and grows, it is important that your IT Cyber Security & Data Protection Strategy evolves to fully align to the current business situation and direction.  


Follow our steps to help protect your business from cyber threats. 


Back up your data/ secure your devices  

Backing up your business’s data and website will help you recover any information you lose if you experience a cyber incident or have computer issues. It’s essential that you back up your most important data and information regularly. Fortunately, backing up doesn’t generally cost much and is easy to do.  

Encrypt important information  

Make sure you turn on your network encryption and encrypt data when stored or sent online. Encryption converts your data into a secret code before you send it over the internet. This reduces the risk of theft, destruction or tampering. You can turn on network encryption through your router settings or by installing a virtual private network (VPN) solution on your device when using a public network.  

Ensure you use multi-factor authentication (MFA)  

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a verification security process that requires you to provide two or more proofs of your identity before you can access your account. Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to make it harder for attackers to gain access to your device or online accounts.  

Monitor use of computer equipment and systems 

Keep a record of all the computer equipment and software that your business uses. Make sure they are secure to prevent forbidden access.  

Unauthorised access to systems by past employees is a common security issue for businesses. Immediate removal of access from people who do not work for you anymore or if they change roles and no longer require access is essential. 

Put policies in place to guide your staff  

 A cyber security policy helps your staff to understand their responsibilities and what is acceptable when they use or share:  

  • Data
  • Computers and devices
  • Emails
  • Internet Sites

Your staff can be the first and last line of defence against cyber threats. It’s important to make sure your staff know about the threats they can face and the role they play in keeping your business safe.  

Educate them about:  

  • Maintaining good passwords and passphrases
  • How to identify and avoid cyber threats
  • What to do when they encounter a cyber threat
  • How to report a cyber threat

Protect your customers  

It’s vital that you keep your customers information safe. If you lose or compromise their information it will damage your business reputation, and you could face legal consequences.  

There are laws about what you can do with any personal information you collect from your customers. Be aware of the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and have a clear, up-to-date privacy policy. If your business is online, it’s a good idea to display your privacy policy on your website.  

How Axtech can help?

AXTECH methodologies are established and repeatable, helping you quickly develop solutions tailored for your industry, resulting in rapid data risk reduction. By understanding critical operations and mission-driven needs, we work with you to ensure the secure movement of information within and around your organization.  

Our solutions include:  

  • Data Protection Strategy and Architecture
  • Advisory and planning services for the Australian Privacy Principles (APPS) and other regulatory initiatives
  • Data governance and classification
  • Key management solutions including PKI
  • Encryption solutions
  • Rights management
  • Data loss prevention 

To learn more about the ways we can help your business please contact